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2023 TI:GER Innovation Conference

The 8th Annual TI:GER Innovation Conference, “What’s Next for Crypto?,” was held on Thursday, January 26, 2022 . The conference, featured keynote speaker CFTC Commissioner Kristin Johnson, addressed the future for cryptocurrencies in light of recent the meltdown of the FTX exchange along with the high-profile collapses of several other cryptocurrencies and the broader implications for consumers. The conference also featured panelists: Benn Konsynski, Rosario Nelson and Tiffany Smith.

    8th Annual TI:GER Innovation Conference:

    What’s Next for Crypto?

    This year’s theme for the 2023 TI:GER Innovation Conference is What’s Next for Crypto? This in-person event will feature a distinguished panel of business and legal experts discussing the recent meltdown of the FTX exchange along with the high-profile collapses of several other cryptocurrencies and answer important questions concerning the broader implications for consumers.

    The keynote remarks will be provided by the Honorable Kristin Johnson, CFTC Commissioner.

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    2022 TI:GER Innovation Conference – What You Need to Know about NFTs, Digital Assets and the Metaverse

    2022’s theme was NFTs, Digital Assets and the Metaverse and addressed the exploding interest in NFTs and the use of digital assets in the art, fashion and music industries, as well as use in the Metaverse. We are motivated by the renewed popularity of blockchain technology and the future prospects of this technology as NFTs continue their rise in popularity and valuation.

    We were pleased to have a terrific list of speakers including:

    2021 TI:GER Innovation Conference:
    Advancing Equity in Innovation

    • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Efforts in Technology, STEM fields and Inventorship – Remarks by Holly Fechner and Elaine Spector; Moderated Q&A led by Nicole Morris
    • Race & Gender in the Legal Academia – Remarks by Meera Deo
    • LegalTech Diversity Report – Remarks by Kristen Sonday
    • Law Firms Call to Action – Gwilym Roberts
    • Achieving Resource Equity & Closing Remarks – Remarks by Nakia Melecio Kimberly Bennett

    2019 Innovation Conference:
    AI, Big Data, & Knowledge Management

    The 2019 Innovation Conference involved a public debate about the ethical and societal implications as well as the policies and laws for the responsible use of AI. 


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