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Technological Innovation: Generating Economic Results (TI:GER®)

Moving Technologies from Lab to Market

Technological Innovation: Generating Economic Results, or TI:GER, brings together graduate students in law, business, science, and engineering to work on start-up projects to transform highly promising research into economically viable projects.

Electronic medical records, cardiovascular drugs, prosthetic legs, water-testing devices – our students have worked on the commercialization of all of these through TI:GER. Emory Law students provide crucial legal prospective to their TI:GER teams, helping to grow ideas and inventions that can change the world and save lives.

TI:GER’s Five Key Benefits

  • Multidisciplinary Research
  • Practical, Hands-on Experience
  • Teamwork Focus
  • Merger of Classroom and High-tech Laboratory Environments
  • Exposure to Top Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Attorneys

Teams have placed in multiple competitions, including the Rice Business Plan Competition, the world’s largest tournament for graduate students.

The TI:GER Experience

TI:GER participants attend courses as a “community of students,” with course assignments driving the TI:GER team activities. Courses expose students to leading thinkers and practitioners in the areas of technology commercialization and include guest speakers, a business lab, retreats, and workshops.

Collaborative Guidance

Each TI:GER team is paired with a business mentor, an attorney mentor, and a professor from Emory Law. The TI:GER Industry Advisory Board, comprised of lawyers, investors, inventors, and executives, also provides guidance for teams.

Built to Inspire and Innovate

The TI:GER Curriculum

– Patterns of Technological Change

– Introduction to Intellectual Property Law

– Developing the IP Strategy

– Discovering and Framing the Market Opportunity

– Entrepreneurial Finance

– Commercialization Planning

– Fundamentals of Business Associations

– Start-Up Business Planning and the Path to Profitability


– Be involved in creating new knowledge at the intersection of business, law, and technology innovation.

– Get practical experience in a technical research environment and in new product innovation processes.

– Learn to work effectively on a multidisciplinary team.

– Get to know leading business executives, entrepreneurs, and IP and technology lawyers.

– Gain a competitive advantage in the post-graduate job market.

Competition Breeds Success

Many TI:GER teams enjoy participating in various business plan competitions, and they are often quite successful. In fact, one TI:GER PhD graduate started a company based on the work of his TI:GER team after they won first prize – $30,000 in cash and services – at the Georgia Tech Business Plan Competition.

Another TI:GER team recently won first place at the ETG Venture Competition, and others have won awards at the I2P Commercialization Plan Competition, the New Venture Championship, and the Rice University Business Plan Competition.

Recent Projects

Nanotechnology to discover tumors with as few as 10,000 cells – a stage when cancer is much easier and less expensive to treat

Quantum dot nanotechnology for developing personalized disease fingerprints from cancer patients’ biopsy samples

Custom-fit ear pieces made from a proprietary flexible polymer that fits snugly into the ear canal to provide a comfortable fit for hearing aids and other listening devices

An innovative manufacturing process improving the design flexibility of micro lenses used in digital cameras, cell phones, LCD computer screens, and fiber-optic equipment

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“Many of our TI:GER professors teach in TI:GER specifically to find future employees. They know that students who sign up tend to be motivated and team-oriented.”

Rachel Edrman 14L

Associate, Finnegan Henderson Farabow Garrett & Dunner LLP (Atlanta, GA)

“The TI:GER Program goes far beyond an academic program and changed how I approached my legal education. It helped me get out of the classroom, test my ideas, and establish real connections with leading experts from a variety of fields.”

Ernesto Escobar 14L

Commercialization Catalyst Associate, Venture Lab at Georgia Tech

“TI:GER helped me understand the business potential of research through the curriculum, teamwork, and networking. Getting to interact with other entrepreneurs in Atlanta and beyond has been great. I’ve undoubtedly met people who could help with any obstacle we might encounter.”

Mike Weiler, PhD Candidate

CEO, LymphaTech

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