Sean Go

Emory Law JM/MBA ’19


Hometown: Manila, Phillipines


Interests: Entrepreneurship, Sales, Asset Management, Intellectual Property 


UC Berkeley Triple Degree

B.S. Business Administration

B.A. Economics

B.A. Geography


Ernst and Young , Transaction Advisory Services , San Francisco

STUDENT INVOLVMENTS (Clubs & Leadership)

Graduate Teaching Instructor for BUS 365: Business Communication and Professional Development, FIN 685: Entrepreneurial Private Equity, and BUS 436: Entrepreneurship

Final Round Judge at HackATL

Emory “Pitch the Professors” Winner


Sean is the first JM/MBA dual degree candidate at Emory, where his focus is on entrepreneurship. Sean graduated with 3 undergraduate degrees from UC Berkeley (Business, Economics, and Geography), and pursued a career in financial services upon graduation, before starting his own businesses.

Sean’s first role was as an analyst at Ernst and Young San Francisco’s Transaction Advisory practice, where he worked on Purchase Price Allocations, Goodwill Impairments, and Stock Option valuations for numerous buy-side firms (hedge funds, venture capital, and private equity).

His experiences with intangible asset valuation at EY sparked his interest in law, and at Emory, Sean has taken 2 Tl:GER classes and one class on Intellectual Property.

Sean’s first business, an educational platform for international students, has won the equivalent of Emory’s “Shark Tank”, with residency at the Atlanta Tech Village, and has also won a spot at U Penn Wharton’s VIP-program.

Sean’s second business, which he cofounded with his brother and friends, is a hedge fund focusing on early stage venture investments and in digital protocols. Since inception 2 years ago, their fund has outperformed Bitcoin.