The world is constantly evolving, with new challenges emerging daily. Collaboration or teamwork promotes innovation and creates effective solutions for global challenges. The best thing is that technology is here to facilitate these collaborative programs. TI:GER is an example of an effective program that fosters innovation and collaboration among graduate students.

What TI:GER is All About?

Technological Innovation: Generating Economic Results (TI:GER) is a program established by Emory University. It aims at bringing business, law, engineering, and science graduate students to work on projects and convert research into economically viable projects.

Thanks to TI:GER, Emory students have been able to work on the commercialization of cardiovascular drugs, water testing devices, prosthetic legs, and electronic medical records. The law students from Emory University have provided essential legal knowledge in the TI:GER teams, fostering inventions and innovations that can transform the globe and save lives.

The graduate students attend courses as a team. Each course has an assignment that drives TI:GER activities. The students are also exposed to leading practitioners and thinkers in technological commercialization. In addition, the program may involve inspiration from guest speakers, workshops, retreats, and a business lab.

Each team has a lawyer mentor, a business mentor, and a professor to provide collaborative guidance. Besides, the TI:GER Industry Advisory Board consists of renowned inventors, lawyers, business executives, and investors to assist these teams.

The TI:GER curriculum deals with various topics, including:

  • Introduction to Intellectual Property Law
  • Patterns of Technological Change
  • Entrepreneurial Finance
  • Fundamentals of Business Associations

What are the Benefits of TI:GER?

  • Multidisciplinary Research: The TI:GER program helps students learn various approaches to solving different global challenges. People in different fields of study will see the challenges differently, and when they come together through TI:GER, they can research for practical solutions to improve the world.
  • Practical Hands-on Experience: The program connects graduate students and offers them an opportunity to work on various startup projects. This allows them to acquire the skills required for the job market.
  • Unique Classes: Combination of high-tech laboratory and classroom environments. Students can interact with entrepreneurs, executives, and attorneys.

Join the Ti:GER Program Today

Want to learn from and engage with brilliant minds in various sectors? Check out the TI:GER website to stay up to date with the program and other unique projects that may emerge. Upon completion, TI:GER will offer you the ability to harness innovation and imagination to address global challenges. Get in touch to get started today.