Isabella Codinach



Hometown: Miami, FL


Blogging, Fashion, Photography, Videography, Travel, Product reviews, Content creation, Outfit styling.


Florida State University.


Universal Creative.

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STUDENT INVOLVMENTS (Clubs & Leadership)

Latin American Law Student Association.

Social Chair; Student Bar Association.

Social Media Coordinator.

Entertainment and Sports Society Member.

Intellectual Property Society Member.

Transactional Certificate Candidate.

TI:GER IP program Candidate.

What attracted you to the TI:GER program?

My passion for intellectual property. I am a social media influencer and content creator and have had several legal matters occur with copyright infringement issues which is what led me to law school. I wanted to learn more about IP law and the best way to do so was to join such an innovative program like TI:GER.

What do you hope to gain from your experience in the TI:GER program?

I hope to learn as much as I can about all the IP laws and regulations. I am looking forward to being able to work in a collaborative setting and gain skills from the other talented students in the program.

What are your plans for employment after graduation?

No plans yet, currently an intern for Universal.

What has been the highlight of your experience at Emory Law/TI:GER?

I am only a 2L, but so far I have had the opportunity to meet some amazing professors and students who have and want to practice in the IP and entertainment area and they have guided me in my journey to become an IP lawyer. In addition, I have been able to take some amazing courses that coincide with IP law and they have landed me some great positions in the industry.

What inspired you to pursue a career in law?

As a social media influencer, I was constantly creating content and had an issue where my content was stolen by a brand. I ended up seeking legal counsel and through that experience was able to learn about IP law and the rights associated with copyrights and trademarks. I was so fascinated by the practice area especially being a content creator and knowing the importance of protecting your work. I decided to apply to law school and decided I wanted to pursue a career in IP law.