Starting a career in legal tech can seem challenging, especially when you are not located in Silicon Valley or another tech hub. But Emory Law students don’t have to look far to find burgeoning startups in the legal space. In fact, there are a number of legal tech startups located in Atlanta. From regulatory assistance to personal injury case management, here are five legal tech companies in Atlanta.


Mighty helps personal injury lawyers manage personal injury liens “without the headache”. The company helps lawyers and lienholders manage their financial interests that arise from personal injury cases. Mighty’s online portal provides a platform for lienholders to communicate with law firms, share important financial information, and documents that disburse funds once a case is settled.

For lienholders, Mighty provides a powerful, and easy, method of managing various liens. Lien Holders receive updates on the status of pending cases. In addition, they can upload bills, invoices, and other documents in a HIPAA compliant and secure portal.

Law firms, on the other hand, benefit from streamlined communication with lien holders. Important documents are readily available through the Mighty portal. Most importantly, law firms cas see who has provided treatment to their clients, so that important billing information can be factored into the final settlement.


Libryo is an international company with an office in Atlanta that helps legal, compliance professionals, and general counsel stay up to date on the latest Environmental, Health and Safety regulations affecting their businesses.

Libryo’s regulatory compliance management software helps users stay aware of various legal requirements, track updates, and show compliance statuses for different locations. Moreover, Libryo users are notified of relevant updates, ensuring legal and compliance professionals are never operating with outdated regulatory information.


CaseFleet is a case management software that helps law firms build stronger cases. The software includes tools that assist lawyers when reviewing evidence, organizing facts, and developing theories for the case. Features include fact chronologies, case outlines, full text search, visual timelines, deposition and transcript management, reporting and more. 

The CaseFleet software, for example, provides attorneys with a way to leverage timelines that explain what happened in a given case, who was involved, and how each fact may be proved or disproved. In addition, CaseFleet has patent-pending technology that provides lawyers with a simple mechanism to review evidence and link each piece of information to the case timeline.


TortIQ helps mass tort firms and high volume personal injury firms safeguard their clients government benefits eligibility while maximizing the value of individual cases. Using its patent-pending technology, SafeGuard, TortIQ helps law firms obtain government benefit status, assess the impact that any given settlement will have on a client’s eligibility to receive those benefits, and provide recommendations that highlight any government benefits that could be in jeopardy after settlement.


Recognized by Tech Breakthroughs “Overall LegalTech Data Solution of the Year” in 2020, CaseMetrix helps both plaintiff and defense lawyers evaluate the risks and merits of personal injury cases. In fact, CaseMetrix is a leading provider of personal injury settlement and verdict data in the Southeastern United States. 

By leveraging CaseMetrix data, attorneys are able to search through multi-million-dollar cases, defense verdicts, and other settlements to find comparable cases and maximize the settlement value for their clients.Whether you are looking to start your career in legal tech, or plan to start a technology company of your own, Atlanta is a hotspot for innovation. At TI:GER, we pair Emory Law students with local innovators to work on start-up projects that transform research into market-ready products. Contact us today to learn more about TI:GER and jumpstart your career in legal innovation and technology.