Summer is the perfect time to sit back, pick up a book and unwind. While you may typically reach for the latest John Girsham novel, why not use this time to learn about the future of the law?

If you are interested in legal tech, legal entrepreneurship or trends affecting the practice of law, we’ve compiled a short list of books to get you started. From artificial intelligence to computational law, below is the TIGER Innovation recommended summer reading list!

“Artificial Intelligence and Legal Analytics: New Tools for Law Practice in the Digital Age” by Kevin D. Ashley

Artificial intelligence is shaking up the legal industry, putting it on the cusp of a revolution of rapid change.

As more legal applications enter the market that utilize artificial intelligence, this book shows readers how these applications will change the practice of law. From generating arguments for outcomes to actually predicting outcomes, Artificial Intelligence and Legal Analytics describes how legal professionals will be able to use these tools to evaluate cases for themselves – creating a collaboration between human lawyers and computers.

Any students interested in how artificial intelligence is changing the practice of law will benefit from this engaging and insightful book.

“Tomorrow’s Lawyers: An Introduction to Your Future” by Richard Susskind

In Tomorrow’s Lawyers, Richard Susskind gives a prediction that we are at the starting line of a fundamental change in law where we will see greater changes than we have seen in the last two centuries.

Susskind writes that legal services will be globalized, digital automated and commoditized. With these changes, legal markets will be liberalized and give rise to new opportunities for lawyers and employers.

Considered to be a definitive guide for the future of law, this book introduces us to a new, shifting legal landscape. Moreover, it provides practical guidance for law students building their careers in business and law.

“Legal Visionaries: How to make their innovations work for you” by David Galbenski

Do you want to know what corporate lawyers, venture capitalists, and legal entrepreneurs think about current and future trends affecting the legal industry? In Legal Visionaries, author David Galbenski conducts interviews with thought leaders, educators and practitioners, providing readers insights into changes affecting the legal profession.

If you are building your career in law, business or entrepreneurship, Legal Visionaries will provide a light and interesting read sure to inspire.

“Tomorrow’s Naked Lawyer” by Chrissie Lightfoot

As its name suggests, Tomorrow’s Naked Lawyer by Chrissie Lightfoot offers an entertaining, albeit thought provoking, look at the changing dynamics in the legal industry and the implications for the future of the practice.

Slightly unconventional, this book takes readers on a journey that challenges conventional thinking with regard to marketing, branding, technology, artificial intelligence, robotics and the future of law leading up to the year 2045. Clear, funny and illuminating, Tomorrow’s Naked Lawyer is the perfect companion on your summer vacation.

“Data-Driven Law: Data Analytics and the New Legal Service” by Edward J. Walters

Law is built on precedent, and a lawyer’s analysis of the law is often influenced by past experience. For new legal consumers, both individuals and businesses, lawyers are expected to use actual data to justify their reasoning.

Data- Driven Law: Data Analytics and the New Legal Services gives lawyers a look at the challenges that a data-driven approach to the practice of law presents, and how lawyers can use data to better serve their clients. The book discusses topics such as mining legal data, computational law, contract analytics and contract standards, data decision making and more.

Whether you plan to work in house, at a law firm or start a business of your own, this book gives readers the toolbox they need to approach their workflow with a data-driven approach.