The TI:GER Program is unlike any other student program in the country – and along with providing engineers, law students, researchers, and other students with hands-on, real-world experience in technology commercialization, working with TI:GER also has great benefits for our partner companies.

Interested in learning more about the benefits of partnering with TI:GER? Get more information about the program below. 

What Is The TI:GER Program? Explaining The Basics

TI:GER is short for Technological Innovation: Generating Economic Results. This is a multidisciplinary, cross-institutional collaboration between Emory Law and the Georgia Institute of Technology.

The purpose of TI:GER is to bring together the brightest minds and graduate students from diverse business fields including law, science, business, and engineering – and to work on start-up projects to commercialize research into viable, economically-profitable products and projects. 

Each team consist of four students:

  • One Emory Law student focusing on technology/business
  • One Emory Law student focusing on patent law
  • One Georgia Tech MBA student
  • One PhD candidate

In the past, TI:GER teams have worked on commercializing products including electronic medical record systems, prosthetic legs, cardiovascular drugs, and water testing devices, to name just a few. 

Not only do they get hands-on experience, but TI:GER students also enjoy the support of our Industry Advisory Board. This board consists of investors, inventors, lawyers, business executives, and other professionals who can offer guidance and lend expertise to TI:GER students in their relevant disciplines – and serve as mentors for TI:GER teams throughout their project.

What Are The Benefits Of The TI:GER Program For Partners?

TI:GER partners have a lot to gain by partnering with the program. Here are just a few reasons that leading law firms, startups, engineering companies, and businesses choose to partner with TI:GER: 

  • Build connections and your company’s reputation – Enterprise companies and startups alike can build unique connections with interdisciplinary teams of students, professors, and researchers.
  • Find future employees for your firm – 95% of TI:GER JDs are fully employed after graduation, often going on to either found their own companies, or joining leading technology firms due to their unique industry expertise. Working with TI:GER can help you find the employees that fit unique roles in your business.
  • Stay on the cutting edge of technology and research – Partnering with TI:GER means staying in the know about some of the most unique, advanced technology and research happening in the country. Not only is this fun and exciting, but what you learn as an advisor and partner at TI:GER can be beneficial for your firm, too. 

Contact TI:GER Today And Start Exploring The Possibilities

At TI:GER, we’re always looking for more active partners in the worlds of innovation and technology. Whether you’re interested in being part of the Industry Advisory Board, being a guest speaker, hosting a business lab, or participating in retreats or workshops, we’d love to hear from you.